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Take your production to the next level...


We offer a multitude of automated welding & cutting systems to fit any application. As an authorized integrator, Homa Automation is capable of providing expert needs analysis and commissioning execution.


A whole host of automated solutions are available, ranging from semi-automatic to turn-key installations, with consideration to budgetary boundaries.  

Robotic Welding Systems


►Mig Welding Robots

►Plasma/Tig Welding Robots

►Advanced-Process Automation Systems

►Seam Tracking Solutions

►Peripeheral Automation Accessories

►Specialty Fixturing

►Positioners & Turning Rolls


Plasma Cutting Tables

►CNC Plasma & Oxy-Fuel Cutting Tables

►Retrofit Solutions

►High-Definition Plasma

►Laser Cutting

►Water-Jet Cutting

►Structural Steel Solutions

►Torch Carriers

Industry-Specific Automation

►Pipe & Tube Cutting Equipment

►Submerged Arc Welding

►Orbital Welding

►Aerospace-specific Solutions

►Column & Boom

►Welding Tractors

►Carriers & Gantry

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